Tuto Parish
How to run a provostry and how to do it well is a good question, in the old worlds we had to choose what kind of provostry we wanted to make between a Farm, a Warrior or a hybrid Provost. Since we couldn't remove the guilds and keep the bonuses, on the old worlds you can keep the last level that was completed from this one, I invite you to read the two wiki web pages so we can move on to the most important one ;-)
I hope you enjoyed this reading ;-)

So a well-managed provostry is a tool that will allow you to have considerable bonuses on your villages, it will also allow you to add defense on your village castles, adding the hole of armed peasants,
turrets, ballista and bombs from the 3 eras. 

Provost Marshals and capitals can also be a formidable weapon of war. Which will allow you to launch armies that can be very fast, when Supply Depots are placed there, if I am not mistaken 4 Supply Depots placed in Provost and Capital villages is the same speed as your village armies, when all your research is done, you can place a total of 20 in a Provost. So they can go at 4x the speed of your village armies.
In this example 18 Supply Depots, there are 2 left to place
But it must also be taken into consideration that it can turn against you, if you are a bad provost marshal and you do not watch over your taxes for example, which are in X9 and you accumulate several thousand gold, I have already seen provost marshals have more than a million gold, the next day the poor guy, he had no more villages and his friends did not like him too much.

Let's see what 1,000,000 means: cost of the troops Archers 60 - Pike 150 and Cat 600

An army of 500 troops I have 280 Archers = 16 800 + 100 Pikemen = 15 000 + 120 Catas = 72 000


For a gold total of 103,800 if I take this amount divided by 1,000,000 = 9.63... So nearly 10 full armies. In addition to the gold that can be found here and there.   So the moral does not help your enemies to shave you, captured and also to your friends who may suffer the consequences.


When I'm seneschal, I don't allow more than 100,000 or 200,000 big max for very active players. My pleasure was to watch every 2 weeks and when I found I was making big holes in the villages ;-) I'm not very nice ;-)

The answer I was always told was, but I need it to do AI and the answer is no!! you don't need it. Even though it's better to use your villages to do AI, it will bring you more honor, because when you do it with a provost, the honor is divided equally between each village on the provost, so for example: there are 10 villages, you have 3 of them you will get 30% of the honor and the others 70%, I was doing it to help new players. But otherwise I do it as much as possible with my villages.
The other thing is that if you are alone on this provostry, then you will pay for the county taxes out of your own gold.  The cost of the troops must also be taken into consideration.

We talked earlier about the cost of the troops: 500...

Archers 60 - Piquier 150 and Cata 600
280 Archers = 16,800 + 100 Pikemen = 15,000 + 120 Catas = 72,000

For a gold total of 103,800

If we compare with a village:
Archées 20 - Piquier 50 and Cata 200
280 Archaea = 5,600 + 100 Pikemen = 5,000 + 120 Catas = 24,000

For a gold total of 34,600
There is a big difference between the cost in gold - The disadvantage is that the peasants have to come back to the villages, to be able to remake the troops, a well done village will make the peasants come back faster, even tuto Villages  This is also the reason for the authorization of a 100 000 gold on a provostry, to make the biggest AI, I strongly invite you to look at the tuto on AI  to limit your troop losses.
You can also send reinforcements to the provostry which can save you money. If you have 600 catas in the village you can send some of them so that you will lose less production from your village.
To do this select your village then click on the provostry, select the 2 green swords to send troops as reinforcements, a new window will open you will be able to send the desired troops, pay attention to the number next to (available places) if you send more, they will be lost. Moreover you will not be able to recover the troops once they have arrived at the provost.
You can also do the opposite, send reinforcements of provost troops to your villages, so you can place them with the reinforcing troops on your village castle, to help defend it if, the difference is that they can be recalled to the provostry at any time, the troops sent as reinforcements will still be part of your provostry troops but, cannot be used to attack or defend the provostry, as long as they have not been recalled.  Keep in mind that if you have provost troops on your village castle and an enemy takes over the provostry, they will be able to bring the troops back and leave your castle with little or no defence. Always take this into consideration.
In the Soldier Assignment section you have the line In reinforcement that tells you how many and what type of troops are being sent, to call them back or to know where they are stationed you have to click on the (i) at the end of the line, this will open a new window and you will be able to know where they are and call them back.
The same procedure applies, if you send troops from one village to another village where you are not the suzerain.

It is also important to check your votes and to vote every day, a provost War has 6 votes is a blessing for the enemy or a pope - A true story about a county where the seneschal had 6 votes out of 3 provosts, he was at the ceiling of votes on the county but not on the provosts so it didn't take long to make him lose the county and get it back and voila we have an army of 600 more troops at our disposal and votes on the province as a bonus.

So you could see that he could have big consequences with a mismanaged provost marshal.
The Castle
The castle of a provostry is not made like that of a village because, it is generally attacked with another provostry to recover gold, it is rarer that it is attacked with captains of a village because it could not be recovered anything other than a flag, at the beginning of the world it is more frequent but, it decreases in risk the more time passes and that the provosts develop.

This is why they will often be built with moat on the front line because the moat takes longer to dig and will limit the risk of looting. For village castles this is not at all efficient since with the captains' abilities, war cries, the moat is dug in a few seconds.
Interdiction de Prévôté

Forbidding a provost is to be outlawed, it will simply put a target on the one if

It is to tell any potential enemies or is accumulate gold, it is sometimes point to waste, place the maximum of troops on the castles. Tell you that if I have less than 100,000 and it takes them armed to come and get it back, it means that I have been useful to my friends by making them lose the maximum amount of gold and weapons on my castle.

Setting the scene: You receive an attack and you have a surplus of gold recruited as many troops as possible, buy resources in the provostry market (this will raise the price so you can resell on the provostry at a good price) or put up guild buildings or even statues. And if there are still some left over, sending troops back and recruiting them again is always better than having them taken and you or your friends receiving attacks with the surplus gold.
Parish Village
Parish Villages here are some examples of village placement. On Epoch Worlds as I mentioned above and that you have read in the wiki, you can remove Guilds once completed.  It is less relevant to have provosts just Farm. In my opinion: I would be more interested in going for a mix provosts and once the upgrades are done I would be more interested in deleting the guild and placing a new one. I'll test in the next months and get back to you on that ;-)

Prévôté Mix

Prévôté Mix

1 - Dépop pots Brai

Prévôté Farm


Prévôté Guerre


I hope this tutorial will be able to help you, if there are things that I have not explained and that you would like to understand do not hesitate to contact me.