Tuto Towns

I'm not going to tell you where to put your buildings in this tutorial or how to make your villages, each person has these preferences, I'll show you some examples, but it's up to you. However, I will explain some basics.
Let's start with the Festival Hall
The buildings associated with the Festival Hall are
the communal buildings and banqueting workshops.
For all these buildings, the closer they are to the
Festival Hall, the better their performance will be.
Exception Religious Buildings:

All religious buildings, no matter where they are located in the village, will give you the same Honor Bonus and the same number of Faith Points.
The Hovels:
Larger accommodation capacity (maximum 20 places per hovel with search completed)
(Flowerbeds, Dovecote, Stone Statues, Seigniorial Gardens and Golden Statues):
These buildings will give you more honor bonuses if they are close to the festival hall. For my part I only place in my villages the Gardens, the stone statues and Gold, if I have any holes left here and fill them with dovecotes.
(Theatre, Jester, Dancing Bear, Troubadour's Arbre de Mai and Arbre de Mai)
They are all Very important, each building will give you a popularity bonus of 6 if it is well placed for a total of + 30
here I have moved the party hall so that you can better see the location of the hidden buildings
Justice buildings
(Drumstick, easel, pyre and gibbet)
**Warning** these buildings will give you an Honor Bonus, but will also give you a Popularity Penalty of -5. For my part I advise you against them, especially at the beginning kept your search points for other, for my part I only sometimes place the Gibbet which gives me to place stick on the Hall of Holidays 112 Bonus of Honor and -5 in popularity.
Banquet Workshops
Once again, the closer the Hall is to the building, the more it will produce. Some of these buildings, must be placed on their resource: (carpentry = wood) (ironwork = iron) For others you will need a specific village : (Spice bar = River 1) _ (Silk bar = River 2)_ (Salt bar = Salt) _ (Hillside = Vineyard)
Now we can move the Festival Hall (Premium Token) which is very good, I think it's especially good for banquet villages.

The buildings that depend on the attic, Pommeraie, Dairy, Porcine Farm, Bakery, Vegetable Garden and Fishing Landing (Village Fleuve 1 & 2).
All these buildings, the closer they are to the Attic, the more they will produce
You have to take into consideration the consumption of your farmers...
1 peasant in X 1 consumes 300 food items per day
1 peasant in X 4 consumes 1200 food days
So if I have 205 farmers in my village I have to produce ( x1 = 61,500 _ x4 = 246,000)
If I have a Plain village with the 5 varieties (Pommeraie, Dairy, Pig Farm, Bakery, Vegetable Garden)

So: 1x4 farmer = 1200 foods / 5 varieties = 240 of consumption per variety
If I have 205 farmers x 240 varieties = 49,200 consumptions per variety
This means that each of my varieties must produce a minimum of 49,000 to be in x4 puffs and have all 5 varieties which would give me 70 in popularity.
The other thing that is really important is diversity, because the more diversity you have, the higher your Popularity Bonus will be. It's best sometimes to be in x3 or x2 and have all the Varieties.

The only building that depends on the tavern is the Brewery.
1 farmer in X 1 consumes 24 Beers days
1 peasant in X 4 consumes 96 beers days
So for 205 peasants I have to produce X1 = 4,920 Beers for 6 bonus popularity beers.
205 peasants X4 = 19,680 Beer days = 24 popularity bonus
The buildings that depend on the reserve, all the resource buildings (Iron, Stones, Wood and Pitch) and the weapon buildings (Bow Workshop, Armour, Pikes, Forge and Catapults)
Little tip, if you are in premium and you need more than a certain resource you can move it and put it back in place afterwards.
Making Gold with your villages
I am going to explain to you how to make a bit of gold with your villages. By a bit of gold I am talking in my case about 902,000 or 22,550 x 40 villages (205 farmers). Here you will understand the importance of the explanations given above on the placement of the buildings and their production.
First, The Accommodation Capacity (Masure) The bigger it is, the higher the maximum amount of tax will be: 1 peasant has -90 = 110 Gold days so each peasant gives 110 Ors days, but be careful if you have 205 in accommodation capacity and you have example: 250/205 the extra 45 won't give more gold, they will just consume more food and beers.
Secondly, the Popularity Bonuses, in order to be able to place the taxes at the maximum which generates a -90 malus on my popularity index, I'm going to have to get the maximum bonus in the other categories.

1 - Food
There is here a maximum possibility of 80 (BP) with the 6 food varieties in x4
Normally, a Low Mountain gives 52 (B.P.) with 3 x4 varieties and a Plain gives 70 (B.P.) with 5 x4 varieties.
It might be tempting to make only Plains but, it should not be forgotten that it produces little iron, the possibility to make dishes is rather limited and it does not produce brash which is still important in times of war, if you decide to transfer food not produced in the village, you should not forget to calculate the consumption of the village.

2 - Beers

No matter which village in x4 the beer gives 24 Popularity Bonus (B.P.)

3 - Popularity Buildings

maximum of 30 (B.P) if the 5 Entertainment buildings are well placed and gives me 6 (B.P) each. On my example village, I have 25 in (B.P.) because I placed the Gibbet which gives me a -5 of Popularity Penalty.
So, if I place the 4 buildings of justice it will give me a -20 in Popularity Penalty for a (B.P.) of 10 if again it gives me 6 (B.P.) each.

4 - Tournament details

If you click on it, you will be able to scroll through and see all the events that influence your Popularity Bonus such as the outside temperature (look at the time), wolf dens, brigands camps, AI Castle, blessing, inquisition and if the castle enclosure is not closed.
All things you need to plan for e.g. there is overcast weather = 0 (B.P.) and there are 2h05m50s left and I'll be back and it's possible that there are storms and I have a -30 and I have a wolf castle that still pops with a -32 which would give me just the -62 plus wolf and brigand.
So, check it out, personally, when I leave for example one day I'm going to do a little blessing on the provostry, to compensate for the unexpected, like coming back and not having any more peasants in the villages.


Villages plains
-90 Taxes + 70 Food + 24 Beer + 0 Accommodation + 25 B. Popularity - 5 tournaments = +24
Low mountains

-90 Taxes + 52 Food + 24 Beer + 0 Accommodation + 30 B. Popularity - 9 tournaments = +7
In these two cases, I make a lot of gold and my farmers stay in the villages, and I continue to make a surplus that I will eventually be able to sell.
Villages to Banquet

I explain my way of doing things to you to see what you decide.
My banquet bases are composed of 5 villages, which will produce more than 2700 days of their respective Banquet. They must also be as close as possible to each other. If possible on the same provostry, because it will be much easier to make donations for max one church.

The Low Mountain, which is the base, must be as central as possible and it must produce in banquet more than 2700 days of Game, Furniture, Crockery and Tunics. It will also produce Iron and Pitch which will be sent to the 4 other villages.
So... (clears throat) We must also place several merchants
The Salt, a river 1, a river 2 and the Coteau surrounds the Low Mountain. Like the WB they have to produce the 2700 of their respective banquet.

This will allow us to make banquets, prodigious that will bring 4 320 000 in Honours, per day, it is important that they are close to each other to limit the time of transfer from one village to another from one to 3 minutes, 6 minutes round trip, Compared to being placed at the other end and it takes me 10 minutes, 20 round trips, the number of walkers and as important, if I have one walker and I transfer it either by 20, to transfer the 2700 it's going to take me quite a long time.

Good game and good, Farm ;-)
Click on the villages to see examples of building placement