IA Castle

Many players don't always know how to attack AI castles. There is not just one way to attack AI castles, I'll show you here how I do it, it's not necessarily the best and I don't bother too much. I do it the simplest way, I have 4 or 5 formations at most. The Attacks were done with archers, pikemen and maxi catapults.
I found a tutorial rather well done, on the web, but which dates a little, I embellished it for the site and put it back online on the site. Click here to access it. (Done by Wikiiiii) 
Rat & Snake Castle
Normally when I have a Rat or Snake Castle, I leave them alone lollll otherwise I use my 100 cat training - 300 Archers - 100 Pikemen.

Je vous recommande ICI encore au tuto de Wikiiiii.
Pig Castle
Here are the 2 most common pigs, all the pigs, I make them in 4, small or big. I make them in one attack, yes sometimes, I do a depop with peasants or archers for the 2nd. It's not mandatory.   

1 - Dépop pots Brai

Viser des catapultes

50 Catas - 200 Archers - 200 Piquiers

Little Wolf Castle
Je vous recommande IC encore au tuto de Wikiiiii.
Normally when I attack Little Wolf, I use a 100 cat formation - 300 Archers - 100 Pikemen.
Same thing for this one if for more info, like on the peasants holes.

Je vous recommande IC encore au tuto de Wikiiiii.
Wolf Castle corner 1&2
89 Catas - 150 Pikemen - 300 Archers

Watch out for the peasant hole on side 4
Wolf Castle Max Honour
I like to have this castle back in my circle of honor. It brings back almost 5,000,000 -

Watch out for the peasant hole in the corner in 2
Castle Big Wolf
1st Attack - 25 Catas - 300 Archers - 100 Pikemen
2nd Attack - 100 Catas - 300 Archers - 100 Pikemen
Pay attention to your circle, if the AI is outside you won't get the honor bonus.

You can play cards to Enlarge your circle of honour
You can download my training courses for AI. That way you have a basis to be able to adapt them later on.