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The Tuto
If there are any volunteers to send me some. I will
post them and see to add the links of those I find on
the web in the useful links
Useful links

Here are all the links you can
official Stronghold Kingdoms forum direct link is:

Good morning, everybody,

We all have different opinions and
values, we have different opinions and
when we disagree we go to war with
each other. Virtually of course everyone
plays at it, the goal is to have fun,
distractions in these difficult times,
yeah he's got the bots doing... but hey
the man is paying for it, maybe one day
the game will really do something to
take him out.

On March 27th I was hacked, my card
points were deleted, they're gone!! I
was receiving a sync, when I came to
buy cards and play them, to defend my
castle, my points all disappeared, about
4000 points, I thought it was a bug so, I
had some crowns left that I had just
bought, I bought packs of cards and sold
them to resell cards and make card
points, I came to play them again and
they disappeared again. After
investigating my cards, I noticed that
they had been exchanged for flag cards.

They made me disappear over 5,000
card points,

The same thing happened to a lot of
So petit advises you to change your
passwords regularly and not to keep too
many card points in reserve.

Good game
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Welcome to the website of
We created this little site, basically to get a teamspeak license but, I thought that if it could bring something constructive it would be even better ;-) so, you'll find some tutorials and useful links to help stronghold Kingdom players,
I wish you a good visit.
Have a good game
Future Projet
A Facebook page is being created
As I said in introduction I made this site for a teamspeak license, so if you ever want to have a TS for your home or guild let me know, if I have one available, I will gladly provide one for you.

Good Discussion

P.S To the death, sharp discord TeamSpeak ;-) lollll
I have translated the site with DeepL. I am not very good in English, but I wanted to do it anyway, so that the tutos are accessible to as many people as possible. if you see any inconsistencies in the text, please feel free to send me the correction. it will be my pleasure to correct it.
Good game.