Tuto Research

Here's a little guide to know what research to do to be an effective warrior in the game. To be a warrior, you have to be totally autonomous. Any outside help is going to be useful, but if you always wait for others, you're going to be in trouble. So in the beginning you're going to stay in your corner and not do much, but as time goes on you're going to start playing for real. The most important thing to remember is to build up your points of faith as quickly as possible and ALWAYS think before you use them. Orderly Charity starts with yourself, so always make sure you have enough points of faith for a long time before you start giving them to others.
Well, there's a lot of nice colors, but what does all this mean? Basically, you have to go in this color order: green, orange, light blue, blue, dark blue, red. But hey, use your head a bit, it's not because you haven't finished the greens that it's forbidden to do the ones in oranges.

All the same, I advise you to have finished the
greens and oranges before going to the shades of blue. Rendered in shades of blue, I put more or less the priority of research to place. But hey, I advise you to have finished the light blues before doing the dark blues. For the normal blues, it is especially for the final research to make effective sales sessions.

An important point about buying points: You can buy a few points at the beginning, it doesn't cost much, but quickly, the price will rise. After about ten points bought, I advise you to build up the philosophy before buying more. Normally, the purchase of points will be done mostly when you will be in blue tones. I calculated the whole thing so that the
green and orange colours will arrive with the right amount of research when you are at the beginning of the Marquis row.

Otherwise, bring up the math when the search starts to take 5 or 6 hours.

For the Farming branch, it is linked to the search for accommodation which is under the education tab. The goal is always to have your villages in X4 with 5 different foods and to have x4 with beer. So if ever the provostry where your village is located hasn't maxed out the productions, it is possible that you will be obliged to put a little more point than what I put in the pictures below.

Here is a small summary of the tables:

Idiot of the village (1) to Écuyer (15) = 40 rows
so 139 searches
(included: 8 basic and 11 already done)

Green: (Farming stage)

39 crafts
25 armed
31 agriculture
59 education
154 total

Squire (15) to Marquis (20) = 45 ranks
so 135 searches

Orange: (Beginning of small attacks (mainly AI))

8 crafts
79 armed
0 agriculture
24 education
111 total

Marquis (20) to Prince (22) = 51 ranks so 153 searches (Beginning of semi-massive search point purchase)

Light blue: (Start the real attacks (On the players))

10 crafts
31 armed
13 agriculture
51 education
105 total

Blue:: (Selling for money)

1 craft
26 armed
20 agriculture
24 education
71 total

Bleu foncé: (Finalisation guerrier)

14 artisanat
23 armés
24 agriculture
25 éducation
86 total

End of the game (Prince or Crown Prince)

Dark Blue: (Warrior finishes)

14 crafts
23 armed
24 agriculture
25 education
86 total

I would like to thank ZWII for this excellent work.