Tuto Attack
In this Attack Training, I will teach you some basics. The first thing to know is the quality of the players on the other side, whether they play a lot of cards or not.  Attacks in pope mode that works well at the beginning of a conflict will not work well after a while (once the inactive ones are shaved or captured) so the attack methods will vary throughout a conflict. While remaining the same, Strongold Kindoms has evolved over the years with the advent of captains' skills, at first everyone had castles all made of stone, now there are castles with Brais and moat. So Crash 8 armies is quite possible and that's exactly what happened to me just before doing this tutorial ;-)
The playable cards for the attacks are: Cards that will allow you to reduce the time of your attacks (increase the speed of the armies)

The Discipline and Improved Discipline cards will be valid for 3 hours, for the Higher Discipline it is valid for 6 hours, but cannot be exchanged for points.
Logistics cards will be valid for one army.
It is also important to understand the sides of a village, especially if you are attacking more than one, as you may be asked on which side you are attacking.

On the image of this basic castle, you have the numbers for each of the sides from 1 to 4, the sides of the castle: 1, 2 and 4 are most often attacked the side 3 minus because, the troops must bypass all the dungeon, since the entrance of the one if is on side 1
In the game, it has two functions which are important to know and to master either: the attack targets and the ID of the villages (idantification numbers) they will serve us throughout this tutorial.
In the top right corner of the Stronghold screen you have *Option* clicked on the *Option* button.

In the dropdown menu you have settings select it

In the window just opened in Advanced Options check both boxes. View village IDs & View Capital IDs.
Select one of your villages, click on the village or resource you want to add to the attack targets, click on the scouts icon
The Send Scout page will open.
select the star to highlight it.

Close the Send Scouts window.

Click on the two swords crossing attack targets
at the bottom right of the screen.

The attack target window will open.
If you click twice on the target name you will move over the target, otherwise you have the option Attack or Scout.
For the following you will need a Timer and Excel click on the links to download.

Select the Excel of the epoch or era to which you are playing

As this is the world I'm playing in if you want one for your era contact me and I'll see what I can do.
The following is a video, one for the operation of Excel and the other for a complete synchro.
Sorry, but the videos are in French at the moment.
Good viewing