With the monks you can forbid yourself which prevents players from sending you attacks or new attacks if you are already receiving them on the village, excommunicate villages, send absolutions, influence votes on a provostry or county, send inquisitions to the provostry or benediction.
The monks have a great importance in this game and their use is limited, by your points of times, it is important to use them well. In the Old Worlds the points of faith were unlimited, for the new ones you will be limited to a maximum of 250,000. I suggest you finish your theology research quickly and place all your buildings.
Player's Village
County Capital
Influence: 30 PF
interdits: 1800 PF
Healing: 20 PF
Blessing: 10 PF
Inquisition: 10 PF
Prohibited: 360 PF
Excommunication: 400 PF
Absolution: 60 PF
Influence: 60 PF
interdits: 1800 PF
You can see the cost and the difference between the points of times depending on their use, the costs are as an example because, depending on the era or time, the amount of FP can differ.

In times of war, one must be careful with excommunication, it your best kept his points of faith to ban his villages than to lose them excommunicated an enemy anyhow, it is even worse if you do not intend to attack him immediately.

For example: an enemy has pop and captured a few players near me, that is 5 villages. He put 24 hours of interdiction (24H = 2,400 SPs x5 = 12,000 total SPs) because, he went to sleep and since he probably has a life and a lolll job, he will probably be away 16 or 18 hours out of the 24.

1 - I log in and see what I do? That's the question lolll, it all depends on what you want to do and the time of day too, if you're like me and you look before you leave for work, don't take any chance put yourself an 8 or 12 hours ban and go to work with peace of mind ;-)

2 - Back from work and see the same thing looked at the eta of your castles and place the troops and when you go to bed there you can forbid yourself.

The most common mistake people make is to see an enemy and throw excommunication at him endlessly. It's useless if you don't lose your FPs.
If he has just 5 villages he will just have to buy a charter, forbid himself or absolve himself with his new villages, this new village that comes with a time of peace and there you will have a new village to exco, if he has more villages he will send from a village further away or a friend will do it for him. So ...
Let's take a look at the FPs with the numbers I gave above. For exco 24 hours of exco cost you: 800 FPs x5 = 4,000 FPs and him for abso: 120 x5 = 600
So he just made you lose 4,000 PF and you're no further ahead.

I tell you to be on the lookout, look at his IDs if he has not forgotten a village or when he finishes, when there is not much time left and that you are there and close sent the armed you excommunicate him if he has 10min left and that you excommunicate him it will put him in trouble and will be able to synchronize it and raze the village. If you excommunicate him and you don't have a troop or no one is there to attack him it will have been useless if you don't want to lose your FP.
As always, you have to be careful with the influence of the votes, a player who really wants to make you lose a provostry or a county will always end up succeeding you can't be there 24 hours a day, and he has cards (x2, x3 and x4) which once you play gives you a lot of Soussi for the counters, moreover when you start it quickly becomes emotional and bitter have done the accounts and often the lost FPs are not worth it, it's up to you to see that they are the stakes. When we play for glory it is more understanding to want to defend. It remains to be seen what strategy to apply when the time comes.

For my part, if I see that I'm making myself a provost and that he has nothing at stake, I destroy a useless building and I watch, once he's finished I put down my natural sight, put my votes on the ceiling and start watching him having fun again ;-)

These are the playable cards for Protection, Excommunication and Absolution. These cards cannot be purchased with your card points - they are only earned. As you can see I haven't been very lucky lately ;-)

These are the playable cards as far as politics is concerned. The x2 and x3 can be bought with your card points the x4 and x6 are only won.
Other Playable Cards
It's time for the great revelation...
Seriously, you don't need to send monks from one village to another as far as prohibition is concerned, unlike absolution, the only time you need to do this is for your quests, otherwise every village is interdits. Since many are not aware of this, I will explain how to do it.
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1 - Have 25 places available
2 - Recruit the desired number of monks
(the more you recruit the less they will cost you in gold on the 1st 150, 2nd 120, etc.).
3 - Go back to the World Map
4 - Your village where you have just recruited the monk(s) will be highlighted.

5 - Select the icon with the monk
Make sure that the monk's travel time is 0s.
8 - select the desired number of monks each monk can ban a village 4 hours
9 - Select the bird for the ID (interdits)
10 - Click on "GO" and you're interdits to go there
6 - Click on the village

7 - Click on the hook
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